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DXO: slow down huawei!!! I don't have enough marks for you!!!Teach me the new grading rules!!!

DXO: 华为你慢点走!!!我的评分项都不够你用的了!!!你得教教我新的评分规则!!!

Huawei P30 Pro unboxing. The P30 Pro represents Huawei's latest flagship android device. The P30 Pro features a quad camera setup and high-end specs with a price to match. Huawei also released the P30 (non-pro) which represents a more budget friendly version of the P30.

华为P30 Pro开箱。P30 Pro是华为最新的安卓旗舰设备。P30 Pro配备了四摄像头设置和高端配置,价格也很匹配其性能。华为还发布了P30,这是P30系列更便宜的版本。

if you could have it all: super fast performance, marathon battery life, a bezel-starved screen, and a camera that competes with the Google Pixel for quality and pocket cameras for zoom? Huawei would have you believe that its new P30 Pro Android flagship is precisely that sort of no-compromise device.

假如你能拥有下面的一切: 例如超快的性能、马拉松式的电池续航时间、没有边框的屏幕,以及可以与谷歌手机在质?#21487;?#31454;争的摄像头,还有用于变焦的袖珍相机。。。华为会让你相信这些将会成为现实,它新推出的P30 Pro 安卓旗舰产品正是那种绝妥协的设备。

Announced at another gala event in Paris today, the P30 Pro addresses the few downsides of Huawei’s already excellent Mate 20 Pro from last year, and it adds a sophisticated new camera system that promises up to 10x lossless zoom. You won’t be able to buy it in a US carrier store, but this will still be one of the best-selling high-end devices across the globe this year. And probably one of the best.

今天在巴黎举行的另一场盛大活动上,华为宣布推出了P30 Pro,它解决了华为去年推出的Mate 20 Pro的几个不足之处,并增加了一个先进的新摄像系统,有望实?#36136;?#20493;无损变焦。虽然你不能在美国的运营商商店里买到它,但它仍然是今年全球最畅销的高端设备之一,也许是最好的高端设备。

Before getting lost in all of the details about Huawei’s new quad-camera system, it’s worth quickly noting the salient specs of the P30 Pro. This new phone is built around the 7nm Kirin 980 processor that Huawei designs itself, which I really enjoyed in my time reviewing the Mate 20 Pro and the Honor View 20. It’s still a flagship-quality part, and it’ll remain so for the foreseeable future. Huawei will pair that with a typical 8GB of RAM and storage options from 128GB to 512GB.The display is a 6.47-inch curved OLED panel with 2340 x 1080 resolution and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. On the inside, there’s a massive 4,200mAh battery, which can be topped up to 70 percent full in 30 minutes using Huawei’s 40W SuperCharge wired charging. The P30 Pro also supports 15W wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging. So yes, you’ll be able to charge your Samsung Galaxy Buds off the back of this phone, if you wish.

在深入了解华为新四摄像头系统的所有细节之前,有必要迅速注意一下P30 Pro的突出规格。这款新手机是围绕华为自己设计的7nm麒麟980处理器打造的。?#20197;?#35780;测Mate 20 Pro和Honor View 20时,非常?#19981;?#36825;款处理器。现在它仍然可以胜任旗舰级手机的一个组成部分,在可预见的未来仍将如此,华为将把它与8GB内存和128GB到512GB的存储选项配对。显示器则是一块6.47英寸的曲面OLED面板,分辨率为2340 x 1080,宽高比为19.5:9。在内部,有一个巨大的4200mah电池,可以使用华为的40W超级有线充电,在三十分钟内充满70%。而且P30 Pro还支持15W无线充电?#22836;?#21521;无线充电。所以,如果你愿意的话,你可以用这款手机的背面给你的三星Galaxy手机充电。

The big deal with the P30 Pro is its new camera setup. Huawei’s breathless marketing will tell you that it’s “rewriting the rules” of mobile photography, and while I wouldn’t go quite that far, it really does look extremely promising. First, the subtle bit: Huawei’s built a new AI-driven HDR+ mode that creates an intelligent exposure map for the entire frx of a photo and then adjusts each section of the image. It will detect faces and landscape markers, such as grass or the sun, and treat each of them appropriately. This, along with some strikingly sharp and well-exposed sample photos I was able to shoot with the P30 Pro, gives me reason for optimism that Huawei has taken steps to bridge the gap between its cameras and Google’s supreme Pixel.Part of what might explain the apparent improvement in image quality I noticed in my first try with the P30 Pro is the new RYYB SuperSpectrum main camera sensor.

P30 Pro最大的特点是它的新相机设置。华为令人窒息的市场营销将告诉你,它正在“改写手机摄影的规则?#34180;?#39318;先是一个小细节:华为建立了一种新的人工智能驱动的HDR+模式,该模式为一张照片的整个帧创建了一个智能曝光地图,然后再去调整图像的每个部分。它将检测人脸和景观标记,如草地或太阳,并?#23454;?#22788;理每一个场景。在这一点上,以及我能用P30 Pro拍摄的一些非常清晰、曝光良好的样本照片,让我有理由乐观地认为,华为已经采取措施,缩小其相机与谷歌的Supreme Pixel?#38469;?#20043;间的差距。?#20197;?#31532;一次试用P30 Pro时还注意到了,新的RYYB超光谱主摄像头传感器在图像质?#21487;?#26377;了明显的改善。

It’s still a 40-megapixel sensor that defaults to producing 10-megapixel shots by combining four pixels into one, but each pixel is now different. Huawei has replaced the RGB sub-pixel arrangement with one featuring red, blue, and yellow color sensors. And since the yellow sensors will absorb both red and green light, Huawei says this new arrangement soaks up 40 percent more light than RGB, which leads to better, cleaner photos. The SuperSpectrum part is on both the P30 Pro and the P30.

它仍然是一个4000万像素的传感器,默认情况下将4个像素组合成一个像素,就可以拍摄1000万像素的照片,但现在每个像素都不一样了。华为已经用红、蓝、黄三色传感器取代了RGB的亚像素配置。而且,由于黄色传感器可以同时吸收红光和绿光,华为表示,这种新安排比RGB多吸收40%的光,从而使照片更好、更干净。超光谱组件在P30 Pro和P30上都有配备。

The reason for that big vertical slab of cameras on the back of the P30 Pro is, of course, this phone’s zoom capabilities. In order from top to bottom: you get an ultra wide angle lens for grand architecture or big group photos, the main camera, which is now augmented with optical image stabilization, and a new periscope zoom lens that offers 5x of optical zoom. Huawei claims that, by combining the image data from the main camera and the telephoto lens, the P30 Pro can produce a 10x lossless zoom. That’ll be something to test in a review.

P30 Pro手机背面之所以有这么大的垂直摄像头,当然是因为它的变焦功能。?#30001;系?#19979;的顺序是: 你可以用一个超广角镜头拍摄宏伟的建筑,或大的集体照片。主相机,现在增加了光学图像稳定,而一个新的潜望镜变焦镜头,则会提供5倍的光学变焦。华为声称,通过结?#29616;?#25668;像头和远摄镜头的图像数据,P30 Pro可以实现10倍的无损变焦。这需要在后续的测评中进行测试。

In my brief testing, I was most impressed with Huawei’s time-of-flight (ToF) camera and the way it enhances portrait mode on this phone. Using the depth information from the ToF sensor, Huawei is much more precise about identifying its subject and neatly separating the person from the background. But the novelty now is that Huawei is also gradating the simulated bokeh in its portrait mode: the bokeh will be less pronounced closer to the subject and increasingly softer and blurrier as you get further away from it. What that means is that you won’t get the 2D cutout effect with portrait photos. You can see a couple of the sample shots I took in the hands-on video above. The great thing about them is they were my first tries. This camera evidently makes it easy to take good photos, and that’s what every phone camera should aspire to.

Huawei is pricing the P30 Pro at 999 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, or 1,099 for the 8GB / 256GB configuration, or 1,249 for 8GB / 512GB. The P30 will cost 799 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Both phones are going on sale immediately, and the P30 Pro is available in a new blue gradient color variation called Breathing Crystal, along with a Pearl White, an iridescent red called Amber Sunrise, Huawei’s signature Aurora, and a basic Black.

华为对P30 Pro 8GB内存和128GB存储的定价为999欧元,8GB / 256GB配置为1099欧元,8GB / 512GB配置为1249欧元。P30售价799欧元,内存6GB,存储空间是128GB。两款手机都将立即?#40092;?#38144;售,P30 Pro有一种新的蓝色渐变颜色变化,名为“呼吸水晶” ,还有一种珍珠白、和另一?#32622;?#20026;“日出琥珀”的彩虹红,这也是华为标志性的极光色。最后是基本款的黑色。